Types Of Durian In Malaysia (Most Popular)

This spiky fruit which is crowned as “The King Of Fruits” is the darling of Malaysians. It’s safe to say that you’re not a True Malaysian if you never tried durian before. Some facts? MARDI did a research on 2006 and out of 1098 participants, 96% love durians. Should be 99%…

There are more than 200 durian clons registered under Jabatan Pertanian Malaysia. And there are many more un-registered. Here’s a list 9 MOST POPULAR types of durian in Malaysia which you may want to try.

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#1 Durian Musang King

Name Musang King / Raja Kunyit / Mau Shan Wang / Cat Mountain King
Code D197
Registration Date 9 Disember 1993
Origin Wee Chong Beng, Tanah Merah, Kelantan
Taste Sweet yet bitter; creamy and it melts in your mouth

Durian Musang King is not one to be messed around. It has a strong aroma to it, which might not be acceptable by many. Being the King of the Fruits, Musang King definitely lives up to its name with its unique taste and fragrance. Its appearance of the husk also makes it stand out from the typical durians. It has a greyish-green tan with a hint of yellow to it and also the spikes resemble pyramids. These features make it easy for all to spot which is a Musang King durian and which is not.

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#2 Durian D24

Name D24 / Sultan Durian
Code D24
Registration Date 30 November 1937
Origin Empangan Bukit Merah, Perak
Taste Smooth and sweet

Durian D24 also known as Durian Sultan, Durian D24 is one that is favoured by many. The higher quality ones have a flesh that is dry and firm, and the usual ones are usually not as dry, but it is as firm and thick. Upon seeing a durian that is as round as a ball, you can say for sure that it is most likely a D24. Besides that, this durian might also contain a hint of alcohol, but this occurrence is very rare.

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#3 Durian Tekka

Name Tekka / Buluh Bawah / Musang Queen
Code D160
Registration Date 30 Jun 1987
Origin Lim Hai Chua, Banting, Selangor
Taste Creamy & bitter

Durian Tekka is sometimes known as the Musang Queen, and it is promoted for its bitter taste. Unlike the Musang King, the flesh of this is wet and it is usually wrinkly. This yellow flesh durian might not look appealing on the outside, but once you taste it, you will definitely want to have more. Just like the Musang King, it is not recommended for first-timers to try this as it has an acquired taste which is not well liked by the average durian customers.

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#4 Durian Red Prawn

Name Udang Merah / Red Prawn / Hong Xia / Ang Hay
Code D175
Registration Date 4 Jun 1990
Origin Balik Pulau, Pulau Pinang
Taste Sweet with pungent odor

Durian Red Prawn also known as Hong Xia, is in high demands in Pahang and Johor. As a result, many more durian orchards are beginning to cultivate them. It has a reddish and fleshy content with a sweet taste and a pungent odour. This makes it one of the favourite type of durians in Malaysia. P.S. This is commonly used to make durian ice creams and durian porridge!

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#5 Durian Black Thorn

Name Duri Hitam / Black Thorn / Ochee / Hei Tze
Code D200
Registration Date 15 Ogos 2012
Origin Nibong Tebal, Pulau Pinang
Taste Sweet and custard-like; light in texture

More commonly known as Durian Black Thorn, D200 is an award-winning durian. It has a rich history to it and it became popular because of the feature in the media, leading to a craze for Durian Black Thorn. The flesh has a unique rosy orange shade to it, and it is smooth and soft. Those Black Thorn trees which are more matured will have a more fragrant taste to it. This durian is also fibreless and sticky.

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#6 Durian IOI

Name IOI / Mas Hjh Hasmah / Mas Muar
Code D168
Registration Date 24 Mei 1989
Origin Hjh.Hasmah Hj.Hashim, Muar, Johor
Taste Sweet and creamy; might be bitter to some

Durian IOI is the most famous durian in Johor. Once you taste it, you will know why it is so popular in Johor. The story behind how DIOI was cultivated was something that was unlike before. We got to have a taste of DIOI because of the neighbour of the durian’s owner! This durian is also one that will allow you to taste both the sweetness and bitterness of a durian, just like the Musang King. The texture of it is fibrous and thick, and its flesh can be peeled off from its flat seed easily, making it convenient to consume.

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#7 Durian XO

Name Durian XO
Code N/A
Registration Date N/A
Origin Pahang, Johor
Taste Bitter and comes with a hint of alcohol taste

Often thought to be D24, Durian XO has a strong alcoholic taste and is more bitter. The pungent smell of this durian also signifies how good the durian is – the more pungent the better. The alcohol taste comes from the long period of fermentation of the durian in the shell, thus it was named after an alcoholic drink. One feature of this durian is that its flesh is of a pale white colour, making it looks bland and tasteless. In fact, it is the opposite! It has a strong, bitter, and alcohol taste which is totally different from the pale colour of the flesh.

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#8 Golden Phoenix Durian

Name Golden Phoenix / Jin Feng / Kim Hong
Code D198
Registration Date 13 Mac 2013
Origin Tan Sue Seng, Batu Pahat, Johor
Taste Sweet and fragrant; very faint bitter taste

Golden Phoenix Durian comes with a slight pungent smell. This durian has become a hit in Singapore. It offers a thick and fibrous flesh with small seeds, with a pale colour that is similar to DXO. Golden Phoenix Durian is extremely sharp and refreshing compared to the other popular durians. It also has a floral aroma which makes it smells more welcoming than Durian XO or Musang King. If you ever come across this, do try it out as there is a limited supply to it since it is a pure durian type.

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#9 Durian Kampung

Name Durian Kampung / 888 / Asli
Code N/A
Registration Date N/A
Origin Gugusan Kepulauan Melayu
Taste Varies from sweet to bitter

Kampung Durians are a type which is not specific to one durian type, hence there is no code for it. It consists of durians of different sizes, shapes, aroma, and taste. These durians are usually on the cheaper side, but it is still the go-to durian for locals. At most stalls, it is sold at RM10 for either 1 or 3. Kampung durians are lighter on the stomach for first timers to durians and it is recommended for tourists to try these kind of durians before anything else.

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