SS2 Durian Hunting?

Are you going for Durian Hunting at SS2 Durian stalls? We know that durian season is coming and many hantu durian are looking for the best durians in town. We believe lots of durian lovers are looking for Durian SS2, one of the most popular durian hunting ground in Klang Valley. I though SS2, Petaling Jaya is famous for wedding shop?! Durian???

Yup! Durian SS2 is popular for a few reasons

  • Plenty of durian stalls to choose from
  • Plenty of durian variations
  • Center of Petaling Jaya
  • Popular for SS2 Durian buffet
  • Most Popular Durian Found In SS2 Durian stalls

    Durian Musang King @ Mao Shan Wang

    The king of durians, the Durian Musang King. It is also commonly known as Mao Shan Wang. This is the most sought-after durian in many countries and it has proven itself why it is the Number #1 favourite among many. This durian might seem to be ordinary, but once you take a bite into it, you will experience a bitter yet sweet taste in your mouth, leaving your taste buds feeling confused. For first timers to trying durians, it is not advisable to consume this as the durian is extremely strong in taste, which will cause you to either love or hate durians on the first bite.

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    Durian IOI

    One of the more popular durians in Johor – Durian IOI, is sweet and creamy, yet it brings along a bitterness taste. The flesh of the fruit is really delicate. On the first bite, you will be hit with its strong aroma. On the second bite, you will then experience a mixture of the sweet and bitter taste of the durian. The dry flesh becomes more bittersweet the older the durian tree gets. Also, the taste of it is often confused with Durian Musang King. What makes it different is that Durian IOI is not as bitter compared to the king of all durians, thus making it more delectable to many.

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    Durian D24

    Once you see a yellow, smooth, and thick flesh, you will be able to recognizse it as D24’s. This durian is also known as Durian Sultan and it is a popular choice of durian in Malaysia. Another aspect that will make you call out: “This is a D24 durian!”, is that this durian has a husk that is almost as round as a ball! You might be lucky (or unlucky) – some D24 durians contains a hint of alcohol, which can make it slightly bitter. For most people, D24 is their go-to durian as the flesh is not too soft and watery.

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    Durian XO

    Some say Durian XO is the premium version of D24, which taste a bit alcohol-ish. This durian is extremely pungent and strong, making some dislike it before taking a bite. The alcohol aftertaste is due to the long period of fermentation in the durian shell. Its flesh is often a shade of light yellow, and is creamy in colour. A note of cautious to first timers: do not try Durian XO as you might be overwhelmed by its strong taste!

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    Durian Udang Merah @ Durian Red Prawn

    Durian Udang Merah is also known as Durian Red Prawn due to the flesh in it which is of a light pink shade and the curve of it resembles a prawn in the sea. Its fat flesh is what makes it stand out from others. Often compared with Durian Musang King for its popularity among durian lovers, Durian Udang Merah is soft and delicate, with a sticky texture. The younger tree of this durians produces sweeter flesh than older ones. This type of durian is often used to make durian ice creams or durian porridge.

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    I’ve Been To SS2 Durian Hunting, Any Alternative?

    We have been waiting for you to pop the question! Lol… That’s why we’re here. Durian Bear is just around the corner. We are very nearby Digital Mall @ SS14. The numbers SS2 and SS14 might sounds a bit far but in reality it’s just a quick 5 – 7 minutes drive away.

    And if so happen you’re looking for the best SS2 Durian promotion in town, we have got you covered! We have some of the best durian deals and competitive Durian SS2 price in klang valley!

    Looking for us?

    34, Jalan 14/22, Seksyen 14, 46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

    Can You Deliver To Me? From Durian SS2?

    We can’t promise SS2 Durian delivery for all the durian stalls at SS2 but us – Durian Bear are definitely going to Deliver FRESH DURIAN to your doorstep.

    Are you staying quite far away from SS2? Fret not! Our durian delivery service cover most of Klang Valley, from end to end of LDP and Federal Highway. Check out our coverage map below.

    Fresh Durian + 100% Replacement Guarantee!

    Other than the deliver of fresh durians to your doorstep, we also undergoes a strict quality check on its durians before selling it to the customers. The durians will under go 6 steps of quality control.

    #1 Only fresh durians are accepted by Durian Bear. No exceptions. The durians come from durian farms with good track records of providing the highest quality of durians. In each batch of durians, a few will be checked to ensure that the batch is mostly of a high quality. These durians are then shipped to the warehouse for a second round of quality control, and this occurs every morning, rain or shine.

    #2 At the warehouse, the durians are further inspected for its ripeness and the presence of worm or squirrel marks. Those that are unripe, overripe, or eaten by worms or squirrels will be rejected at the warehouse to prevent it from reaching the customers.

    #3 Upon arrival at the stall, the durians undergo another round of check to further confirm its freshness and quality. At this stage, the watery durians are rejected while the remaining quality durians are packed into The Box.

    #4 The durians are sealed into The Box and is vacuum sealed to prevent oxidation of the fruit, which will cause it to turn brown and lose its freshness. The vacuum seal also allows the durian to be preserved for a longer period of time.

    #5 With our customers in mind, Durian Bear has come up with a zip lock pack so that those who are not a huge fan of durians will not be suffocated with the pungent smell of durians, especially those like Mao Shan Wang.

    #6 Durians are delivered at the arranged timing to satisfy your durian cravings and to keep the durians as fresh as possible when it reaches you.

    SS2 Durian