Cheese Cake + Frozen D24


Musang King Burnt Cheese Cake

Size: 4 Inches * Freshly Bake Best For * Gifting * Birthday * Self Indulgence Optional Add-on # 1 Greeting letter (type your own message) # 1 candle
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When you combine the creamy yellow golden Musang King with sinful cheese you'll get MUSANG KING Brunt Cheesecake

Rich with durian flavour, creamy and velvety soft. Brave the king of fruits with this durian burnt cheesecake, made with the very best of Musang King! On the outside, you have the caramelised “burnt” brûléed crust and on the inside, you get a velvety smooth creamy centre. A sinful dessert that will satisfy your “burning” desire!

Frozen D24 @ Bukit Merah

Weight: 300 gram ++ 300 gram of pulp is equal to roughly 1.5 kg with shell. * Frozen durian pulp in odourless packaging. * Enjoy frozen durian at anywhere, anytime. * Best consume within 6 hours or keep in freezer for maximum of 2 weeks * No Preservatives


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