Golden Phoenix Durian @ D198

The flesh of Golden Phoenix durian might not look appealing, but its flavour and aroma definitely made up for it. It was first discovered in Johor, and it became popular in Singapore subsequently.

Also known as Jin Feng (金凤), the Golden Phoenix has a pale colour flesh, with a sticky and slightly fibrous texture. Similar to Durian XO, Golden Phoenix also has a pungent smell, but not as strong. One characteristic of Golden Phoenix is the small seed in the flesh, and the flesh is extremely thick too.

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Origin Of Golden Phoenix Durian

Golden Phoenix is one of the older types of durian among many others. Despite it being around for a long time, its exact origin is unknown. Golden Phoenix durian is a pure type durian – it is from the old trees, and it is not a hybrid or new type of creation. This explains why there is a limited supply of these type of durians.

Another fact that we do know about Golden Phoenix durian is that originated from Pahang, Johor, and it is owner of this durian is Tan Sue Seng. As to the story behind it, only those who grew it before it became popular would know.

How to Identify Golden Phoenix Durian???

#1 The Shape Of The Husk

Golden Phoenix is small in size with a thin husk. It is usually round in shape or oval. Having a thin husk, this means that it can be easily opened without any tools. Sometimes, it can be so small that it will be able to ft into your palm!

#2 The Colour Of The Husk

The colour of the husk ranges from light green to greenish brown. When grown among the top of the mountains, it will be more greyish brown in colour. Those that are browner tends to be more bitter.

#3 The Density And Shape Of The Spikes

The spikes of this durian are skinny and sharp. It also has a curve to it which resembles the curve along an aloe vera plant. The base of the spikes is small, making the fruit highly concentrated with numerous spikes on it. The spikes tend to converge towards the bottom of the durian, forming a distinctive tip at the base of the fruit. At the bottom of the fruit, it has five lines, similar to that of the Musang King variety.

#4 The Crown

Golden Phoenix’s crown is relatively small, at around ___cm in diameter. The crown connects the stem to the fruit. The spikes around the crown are also pointing towards/away from it.

#5 The Seam

The seam of Golden Phoenix is quite thin, but visible to the eyes. Since the husk is thin, you can actually open it just by using your bare hands and your strength.

#6 The Stem

All durian varieties have different lengths of stem, some long, some short. The stem of this durian is long, and this is another of its distinct features besides the small seeds and thick flesh. Most durians have a short stem, but this durian has a long one which makes it stands out from the common ones and also unique.

What’s The Taste Of Golden Phoenix Durian Like?

Golden Phoenix has a pale-yellow flesh, similar to that of banana milk, which is soft and moist. After the first bite, you will find a sweet and gentle fragrance lingering in your mouth. It also comes with an underlying bitter taste, which is not very obvious. Compared to other durians, Golden Phoenix is very refreshing and sharp, an opposite of Mao Shan Wang and Durian XO. Some of the flesh of a Golden Phoenix might have a watery texture.

This durian has a floral aroma, making it less pungent, and it is not overly sweet. Thus, this makes it one of the most suitable durians for first timers.

Golden Phoenix Durian Price @ Harga Golden Phoenix Durian

In comparison to Mao Shan Wang, Golden Phoenix is definitely more affordable. To most people. Golden Phoenix is considered to be a steal as they will be able to get a fleshy durian at an affordable price. Additionally, the small seeds and thin husk also made Golden Phoenix appear to be more worth the money as the buyer will get more flesh in the durians.

It is surprising to note that despite the difficulty of growing Golden Phoenix and it is only available in Johor, the prices are still very reasonable and affordable! Craving for Golden Phoenix durian? Order Durian Delivery now!

Our Verdict On Golden Phoenix Durian

Golden Phoenix is only available during the middle of the year, and it is not a common type of durian among the durian stalls. It is also not popular in Klang Valley. This durian is ideal for those who wants to eat a sweet but slightly bitter durian, but not on with an extremely pungent smell such as Mao Shan Wang.