Durian XO

Most might think that Durian XO and D24 are the same thing, but let me tell you a known secret – Durian XO is NOT D24; XO is just a higher quality version of D24, in terms of its age, freshness, and location of origin.

If you are someone who prefers your durian to be strong and bitter, XO is your go-to durian. The XO durian is bitter, with a hint of alcohol taste which was cultivated through an extended period of fermentation inside its shell. The fruit of Durian XO tends to be smaller than usual, and its flesh is watery thick. It also has a pungent smell, which are only present in good XO durians, and it is extremely soft to hold as it is slightly watery.

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Origin Of Durian XO

Durian XO is grown at high elevation with well drained soiled. Similar to D24, XO durians also came from Johor, Genting and Cameron Highlands, which are mostly places that are high above the ground.

In terms of appearance, XO durians also look similar to D24, which was the reason why many got confused about the two durians. Many durian fans agree that XO durians are an ‘upgraded’ version of D24. Compared to D24, XO durians are rarely has that sweet taste which is present in D24 durians.

This bitter durian is named after an alcoholic drink as its flesh has a fermented flavour that makes it almost alcoholic, thus deriving at its current name.

How to Identify Durian XO???

#1 The Shape Of The Husk

XO durians are typically round oval, or even starfruit shaped. The base of the fruit has a star shape center depression, and its spikes are pointed inwards towards the base, unlike the Mao Shan Wang. The base is usually dark green in color which ends in brownish tips.

#2 The Colour Of The Husk

XO durians features a thin and brownish green color husk, similar to most other durians. The colour of the husk has some brown in it as the durian orchard is at a hill to allow for water drainage. With this soil condition, it resulted in the brownish green colour of XO durian’s husks.

#3 The Density And Shape Of The Spikes

The spikes are pointing inwards, towards the base. They are also widely spaced and evenly spread throughout the fruit. Another noticeable feature of XO durian is the length of the spikes, which are quite long and thin, with a brown tip.

#4 The Crown

The crown is a round shaped band which connects the fruit to the stem. XO durians have a small/big crown, and it surrounds the stem perfectly. It is estimated to be around ___ cents big.

#5 The Seam

XO durians’ seams are (not very) visible. The seam is where the durians will be cut along in order to open it. Going along the seam, you will find a star shaped center depression at the bottom of the fruit, with its spikes pointing towards it.

#6 The Stem

In general, XO durians have a short/long stem. However, the stem cannot be used to determine the type of durian in most cases as a long stem can be made shorter.

What’s The Taste Of Durian XO Like?

XO durians are well known for its alcoholic taste which is a result of fermentation inside the shell. The flesh is extremely soft, thick and watery. After a bite, you will find an alcohol aftertaste in your mouth. Each section of the XO durian only has one or two seeds.

The texture of XO durians ranges from sticky to a little moist. The flesh is also of a pale cream white colour, with those that have a dark patch being more bitter than usual. For those fancy bitter taste durian, try out our Durian Delivery now!

For those looking to try sweeter durians or those that do not like alcohol or bitter tastes, it is advisable for you to not try XO durians as it will most likely be not to your liking.

Durian XO Price @ Harga Durian XO

XO durians can be found in most durian stalls. Thus, the price of XO durians does not fluctuate greatly, and is relatively stable compared to other durians. Despite that being said, XO durians are still pricey-er than the more common durians such as Red Prawn durians.

What To Expect From Durian XO

When indulging in XO durians, you might feel slightly drowsy since the durian was left to be fermented in its shell for a period of time. With a bitter taste, on top of the alcohol aftertaste, it can be overwhelming for some. This is definitely not a durian to be recommended to those who are trying durians for the first time.

As for those durian lovers who prefer bitter ones over sweet ones, XO durians should be one that you should try (if you have yet to), especially if you want to try something stronger than Mao Shan Wang.