Durian Tekka

Ever heard of Durian Tekka? The hantu-hantu durian confirm recognize this durian clone. Some say it’s only second to Musang King, some say it’s better. What can i say, durian Tekka is one of my personal favourites.

Durian Tekka code D160 is also known as “Musang Queen”. (No wonder it can compete with the King) This durian can only be tame by high level durian lovers as its brownish-yellow, creamy bitter flesh often comes with a bitter taste.

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Origin Of Durian Tekka @ Musang Queen

Guess what??? Durian tekka or more widely known as Musang Queen nowadays was “born” in 1987. This popular durian clone which is also called “Zhu Jiao” came from Banting, Selangor and was registered to Jabatan Pertanian by the farmer Mr Lim Hai Chua in 1987.

Durian Tekka is then promoted throughout the country for its bitter taste and we can now find it at Pahang, Selangor, Negeri Sembilan among many other states in Peninsular Malaysia. This awesome Musang Queen is now available for FRESH Durian Delivery to your doorstep!

How to Identify Durian Tekka???

#1 The Shape Of The Husk

Durian Tekka or “Zhu Jiao” is quite big in size and is long, oval in shape. The head is smaller whereas the bottom is bigger. The bigger durian Tekka is a bit similar to Nangka in terms of shape.

#2 The Colour Of The Husk

The Queen among the Kings of Fruits is a bit brownish green in color and can be identified via its long oval shape which normally weighs 3kg or more.

#3 The Density And Shape Of The Spikes

The spikes of Musang Queen are not as compact and dense compared to D24 but not as loose as Musang King. The tip of the spike for durian Tekka is slightly curvy so better be careful when you handle it.

#4 The Crown

You can hardly notice the crown of durian Tekka. The gap is fairly small and it has spikes growing inward.

#5 The Seam

Can and recognize durian Tekka’s seam if you pay some attention to it. Unlike Musang King which has a flat and round seam, Tekka’s seam is pointy. The pointy seam + the tough inner core makes it one of the hardest durian to “kopek”.

#6 The Stem

Like it’s long oval shape, durian Tekka stem is generally long as well.

What’s The Taste Of Durian Tekka Like?

Before we go into details, here’s some hints. Durian Tekka is preferred by Hantu Durian Level 999! What do you think? The taste is absolutely fantastic! The best Musang Queen is bitter with voluminously fleshy, wet and often wrinkly yellow flesh.

Alert! Durian Tekka is not for the average Joe. You have to appreciate the sweet-bitter taste that comes together with the wrinkly flesh. Are you ready?

Durian Tekka Price @ Harga Durian Tekka

Good news for hantu-hantu durian that love the Musang Queen. We’re expecting “harga durian tekka” turun for the Mid to August durian season 2020. Why? Because we expect the hot weather in Malaysia leading to bumper crop.

Hot weather = more durian?! More hot weather???