What is Durian Puree? 

Durian puree is similar to the paste form of durians. What makes durian puree different from a paste is that it is less concentrated. It is suitable to be made into other forms of durian pastry, desserts or drinks. Durian puree can be self-made at home, or purchased from a retail store. 

What can be made from durian puree? 

Durian Ice Cream 

Instead of eating the durian flesh directly, why not make it into an ice cream which you can consume all year round, without having to wait for the durian season? To make durian ice cream, you will only require a few ingredients and you do not necessarily have to own an ice cream machine! 

Durian Cendol 

The ice-cold dessert is suitable to be eaten all year round, but it is more popular during the hotter seasons. This sweet dessert is usually served with green jellies and coconut milk, with palm sugar syrup drizzled on top of the toppings. 

Durian Kueh Lapis 

This recipe is best suited for those who love durian and kueh lapis. The durian lapis can be served as a festive cake during Lunar New Year, and also a tea time snack. 

Durian Cupcakes 

Sick and tired of the usual chocolate cupcake or red velvet cupcake, why not give durian cupcakes a try? The durian cupcakes are soft and moist, and it will definitely leave you wanting for more. 

Durian Hokkaido Chiffon Cupcakes 

If you want to ‘upgrade’ your durian cupcakes, you can make it into a Hokkaido chiffon cupcake. It takes less than one hour to make the chiffon cake and it serves 8 people. These chiffon cupcakes are soft and fluffy, and will melt in your mouth. 

Durian Smoothie 

If you are not a fan of eating the durians straight from its husk, you can consider making it into a smoothie. It is very simple to make a durian smoothie and it only takes a few minutes. 

How to make durian puree? 

If you find that the durian purees that are bought in stores are too sweet to your liking, you can consider making your own durian puree! It is very easy to make and can be done within minutes. 

  • 450 grams of durian 
  • ½ cup of water 


  1. Before starting to make the durian puree, you will need to remove the seeds in the durians and mash it up. 
  2. After you are done, put the mashed durian into a blender and add in a 1 tablespoon of water. 
  3. Blend the mixture until the consistency that you want. 

How to store durian puree? 

Be it store bought or homemade, durian puree is best stores in an airtight container, and placed in the refrigerator. This will enable the durian puree to last for a longer period of time. Additionally, the coolness of the durian puree will make it taste nicer and refreshing too!