Durian Musang King @ D197

Ah, Musang King, any durian lover will immediately recognize the name. As its name suggests, Musang King is the King among the Kings Of Fruits. Musang King is the most sought after durian and one of the most expensive thanks to its irresistible taste.

Durian Musang King also known as mao shan wang comes with thick & yellow golden flesh, and is creamy, sweet and sometimes bitter in taste. Not to forget the small seed. This unique combination makes it one of the most popular durian among hantu-hantu durian.

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Origin Of Durian Musang King @ Raja Kunyit

Although most of Klang Valley supplies of Musang King comes from Raub – Pahang, it is not the “original” birth place of the famous Musang King. It all started in the early 90s at Tanah Merah, Kelantan. A fruit seller from Pahang was looking all over Malaysia for the best durian and somehow he was introduced to a type of durian which locals in Kelantan referred to as Raja Kunyit.

Raja Kunyit tasted so nice that he claims it fulfill all 10 Required Criterias to be the ‘King of the King of Fruits’. This man that see through the destiny of Raja Kunyit quickly brings back to his plantation at Karak, Pahang. While on his way back to Karak, he pass by Gua Musang. (A must pass by town from Tanah Merah to Karak) Something brilliant struck him, he thought that since Gua Musang is more commonly known compared to Tanah Merah, he “pinjam” the Musang and added the word “King” as a substitution for the original Raja Kunyit and hence born “Durian Musang King”. Best part? Musang King is now available for Same Day Durian Delivery now!

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Raub Durian Musang King

Raub – The Place Where Durian Musang King Gets Famous

As most durian lovers in Klang Valley would know, Raub is the major source of Musang King and one of the most consistent in terms of supplies and quality. The local government and farmers are the driving force in the aggressive promotion of the fruit which thrives well in Bentong, Karak and Raub. There are tens of thousands acres of durian plantations at Raub nowadays and there’s even townships where the main economic activity is durian plantation and export.

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How to Identify Musang King???

#1 The Shape Of The Husk

A Musang King durian normally has a bean like shape. The head is smaller whereas the bottom is bigger which makes it look longer. Durian Musang is NOT perfectly round.

#2 The Colour Of The Husk

Musang King’s colour is a bit different than other types of durian. It is a dusky greyish + green-tan color quite close to yellow. If you heard of Gao Shan Musang King, which is Musang King from the top of the hill, it normally comes in yellowish-brown husks.

#3 The Density And Shape Of The Spikes

If you notice, the spikes on Musang King are comparably larger and pyramidal. There are also more space between spikes as they are set fairly far apart.

#4 The Crown

Another way to identify Musang King is by the crown. The crown is the round shape band connecting the stem to the fruit. Musang King or Raja Kunyit has smooth and bald crown. The gap between the crown is fairly big and surrounds the stem in almost perfect round shape.

#5 The Seam

We open durian by cutting off through its seams along the all the way to the tip of the stem. If you look closely, Musang King’s seams are very visible, it looks like a star at the bottom of the fruit. Often, the spikes of Musang King will point away from the seam.

#6 The Stem

All durian varieties have different lengths of stem, some long, some short. Musang King has a relatively long stem in general.

What’s The Taste Of Musang King Like?

If you would ask me to describe the taste of Musang King in two words? Sedap Giller!!! It is sweet, creamy, buttery and sticky, once in a while you’ll get both bitter and sweet in the same fruit. Once you taste it, it melts in your mouth and believe me, you would savored every last bite of Musang King durian.

Due to its complicated and yet absolutely fantastic taste it has also earned itself another title of being the Butter Durian where all durian lovers are fond of!

Word of caution If you’re tasting a few types of Durian, DO NOT eat Musang King first. Why? Because the King being King, has the strongest aroma and taste among all durians. It will cover up the taste of other durians. We suggest you try the lower grade durian before moving up to Musang King.

Musang King Price @ Harga Durian Musang King

The Musang King price would be the most concern topic for all durian lovers. Since durian is a commodity, the price fluctuates based on supply and demand. As of february 2020, the price of Musang King has plunged by between 20% and 50% due to Covid-19 or most popularly known as coronavirus. It has cause halt to the export market and oversupply in the local market.

Good news for fellow Malaysians is a high yield is expected in the mid-year durian season (Sometime from May to August) because of favourable weather conditions. So we’re expecting harga Musang King turun a bit for this coming season. So order your Durian Delivery now!