Durian Kampung

Unlike the more popular durians such as Mao Shan Wang or Durian XO, Kampung Durian is less sought after and is cheaper. It is usually sold as a set, e.g. 3 kampung durians for RM10 or 1 for RM10! In most durian orchards, kampung durians are not specially grown.

Putting it next to the more popular and stronger taste durians, Durian Kampung is indeed on the lighter and acceptable side as it is less pungent and is more suitable for all to eat. Try out some durian kampung for delivery now!

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Origin Of Durian Kampung

Durian Kampung does not have a code name, and it is the most primitive durian of all. These durians come from trees that are originally planted from unknown seeds. The exact history of these type of durians are unknown, but what we know is that these durians are delectable and many enjoy its wonderful taste.

How to Identify Durian Kampung???

#1 The Shape Of The Husk

The shape of kampung durian varies from a long starfruit-like durian to one that resembles a pear. There is no definite shape of kampung durians as there are many types of it. What really sets kampung durians apart from other types of durians is the smell and taste of the flesh inside the durian.

#2 The Colour Of The Husk

Similar to the shape of the husk, the colour can vary from green with dark brown tips to a light brown greenish durian. Since the durians come from various unknow durian trees, it is logical that the colours of kampung durians are not standardized.

#3 The Density & Shape Of the Spikes

The spikes of Durian Kampung are not evenly spaced – some are closer while some are further apart. Some spikes can also be longer and thicker compared to others. However, the spikes are not a good method to tell if it is a kampung durian or not.

#4 The Crown

The crown of kampung durian, the round ring around the stem that connects the stem to the fruit, has ___. Unlike some durians, the crown of these durians is ___.

#5 The Seam

Durian Kampung’s seam is not very visible to the eyes. With a thick and rough husk, you will not need to try to open it with your hands as a knife is required to cut it open so that you will be able to enjoy the goodness in it.

#6 The Stem

All durian varieties have different lengths of stem, some are long, and some are short. Durian Kampung can have a variety of long and short stems as there are many types of durians that are considered to be kampung durians. In most cases, kampung durians actually have a short stem.

#7 The Size

Kampung durians are generally smaller in size and the seeds of it are usually on the smaller side. With a small seed, the durians are fleshier and is considered to be more worth it as there is more meat to be eaten.

What’s The Taste Of Durian Kampung Like?

Durian Kampung can taste sweet in some while bittersweet in others. For flesh that are lighter in colour and creamier looking, it is usually bitter. Fruits from the old trees look wrinkly compared to the younger ones. The faint dark patches on the flesh may signal that it is of a better quality.

In the same durian, the different segments of it can also result in a different taste. For instance, the seeds that were facing away from the sun might taste more bitter and more pungent than those that were facing towards the sun.

Overall, Durian Kampung has a unique taste which cannot be found in other durians. Each bite of this durian will definitely leave you wanting for more!

Durian Kampung Price @ Harga Durian Kampung

For its price, Durian Kampung is affordable compared to other durians. At most stalls, kampung durians are sold at RM10 for either 1, 2, or 5 durians. The price of the durians varies accordingly to the quality of the fruit.

Our Verdict On Durian Kampung

A favourite of many, Durian Kampung is one that beginners to durians should try before moving on to stronger and bitter ones like XO durians. With its less pungent smell, it is definitely more accepted by foreigners.

Durian Kampung is also considered to be the cheaper ones, thus it is not the top pick of tourists, but locals know best and some prefer Durian Kampung over many others for its non-pungent smell and the fact that it is light on the stomach. Besides, this durian will be suitable for all since it neither has an alcoholic taste nor is it very pungent.