Black Thorn Durian @ D200

Durian Black Thorn which is also known as Duri Hitam (Malay), Ochee (Chinese), and Hei Tze, Durian Black Thorn has a bright yellow and rosy orange hue, with its signature mark being its thick core and a reddish-brown line along the middle of the durian.

Black Thorn’s flesh is thick and creamy. Comparing it to Mao Shan Wang, Black Thorn Durian tastes sweeter and more custardy. It also has a lighter texter. On the price side, Black Thorn can be equally or even more expensive than Mao Shan Wang. Try out our durian delivery service and taste your Black Thorn durian now!

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Origin Of Durian Black Thorn @ Ochee

Back in the days, Bagi Kau fell in love the taste of a durian in Thailand, hence, he brought the seed of it back to Malaysia – Kampung Lima Kongsi, near Sungai Bakap, which is near the south of the second bridge. Black Thorn became so popular till the extent that it had a waiting list every season, usually in late July or early August. At that point of time, Bagi Kau rejected people’s request to allow them to grow it on their farms.

Finally, in mid-1980s, Bagi Kau allowed his friend, Mr Leow Cheok Keong, to grow it on his farm in Nibong Tebal, which was then established as the first commercial orchard. However, Mr Leow did not particularly liked Black Thorn back then, therefore he did not grow more of it.

Penang – The Place Where Durian Black Thorn Gets Famous

An owner of one of the biggest Black Thorn orchards in Malaysia, Mr Heng Mee Oo, chopped down his D24 orchard to grow more Black Thorns. After a turn of events, in 2010, the Black Thorns were featured in the media, leading to a craze for the durian.

In 2011 and 2012, Mr Leow entered the Penang State Durian competition with Black Thorn, and it won the 1st prize. Following that, in 2013, Black Thorn was officially registered as D200, with Mr Leow’s farm as the main source.

How to Identify Black Thorn Durian???

#1 The Shape Of The Husk

The Black Thorn durians are round. When viewed from the bottom, it looks like a star, with a black stem sticking out of the hole, thus it is named ‘Black Thorn’. The purpose of the black stem is to protect the durian’s stamen from breaking during the process of growing.

#2 The Colour of the Husk

Black Thorn durians’ husks are greyish-green in colour, which is similar to that of Mao Shan Wang, just that it lacks the yellowish tint that can be seen on Mao Shan Wang.

#3 The Density and Shape of the Spikes

The spikes of Black Thorn durian are generally shorter compared to Mao Shan Wang’s. The spikes are also further apart, thus creating more spaces in between the spikes.

#4 The Crown

The crown is the round shape band connecting the stem to the fruit. Black Thorn’s crown is ___. Compared to Mao Shan Wang’s crown, Black Thorn’s crown is ___.

#5 The Seam

The line that runs along the durian is the seam, and it is cut open through this line. Black Thorn’s seam is very visible and easy to spot.

#6 The Stem

Black Thorn has a stubby stem. It is plump and has a pumpkin shape, which is as long as a thumb. From afar, Black Thorn might even look like a pumpkin due to it’s small size and stubby stem!

What’s the Taste of Black Thorn Like?

If you like the taste of Mao Shan Wang, you should definitely try Black Thorn too! It has a hint of bitterness, tastes creamy, has a rosy orange shade and some wrinkles. Each section of the durian usually contains two seeds. The durian is also soft, smooth, and aromatic. Comparing it to Red Prawn durian, Black Thorn is firmer and sweeter.

According to Mr Leow, the flavour of Black Thorn varies with the age of the tree. Trees which are more matured will bear a more flavourful Black Thorn. It will also have a deeper colour and the fruits will become a little flatter. When compared with Mao Shan Wang, Black Thorn is less filling, thus gaining popularity among the people despite it having a bitter taste. Additionally, Black Thorn is fiberless and sticky.

Durian Black Thorn Price @ Harga Durian Black Thorn

Being a new breed of durian, Black Thorn is still not available in most farms, thus it will be slightly more expensive. Another factor to its high cost is the high demand of durian lovers who are waiting to try the durian.

It can be foreseen that the price of Black Thorn will reduce to that of Mao Shan Wang when more farms are growing it, leading to an increased supply of it.

If you ever come across a Black Thorn durian, do not miss it as it is not readily available like other durians. It is definitely worth the price as it is flavourful. After tasting it, you will know why it won 1st place in two consecutive years!