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FRESH Durian Delivery

Hello hantu durian! We know that you are craving for durian and we’re here to save your day! Musang King, Tekka, D24 you name it, we’ve got it!

Just like you, we are durian lovers ourselves. That’s why we always wanted FRESH Durian that smell nice and taste awesome. And because we’re so INTO durian, we hand-pick each pack before we ship out to you.

But the problem with DURIAN CRAVING is we always want to eat NOW! Right??? That’s why at Durian Bear, we offer SAME DAY DURIAN DELIVERY at 5 SLOTS. Whichever convenient to you :p



Durian Bear 6 Steps Quality Control / Why Is Our Durian Fresh & Yummy?

Step 1: FRESH From Farm Every Morning

It’s safe to say that 99.99% of Malaysian love durian! (Might be a bit exaggerated but who cares emoji) And when it comes to durian, we only want the best quality. That’s the reason why at DURIAN BEAR, we source Fresh Durian from durian farm every single morning. We only take fresh durian from farmers with good track record i.e durian farm that consistently produce top quality durian and then ship it to our warehouse for STEP 2.

Step 2: REJECT The Bad Quality Fruits

Even though the durians fall from the same tree, there are chances where some are unripe, some overripe and some eaten by worms or squirrel. What’s more when there are tons of durians every day. That’s why it’s VERY IMPORTANT for us to REJECT the bad quality fruits. We literally filter biji by biji and constantly improve on our quality control to make sure you enjoy the best fruit we have.

Step 3: HAND-PICKED Top Quality Durian

The durians that make it through our first filtration process are almost there. However, to MAKE SURE and CONFIRMED that we only deliver Fresh & Top Quality Durian to you, we hand-picked each and every piece of it. Once again we REJECT those that berubi, too watery and etc and make sure that only yummy and tasty durian goes into THE BOX.

Step 4: VACUUM SEAL To Prevent Oxidation

Once the durian is packed into The Box, we vacuum seal the box with a 0.5mm plastic bag at 2.5 power suction. Why do we need to vaccum seal it? OXIDATION is the answer. Ever saw an apple oxidize? When you slice an apple in half, oxygen is introduced into the “injured” plant tissue and it turns brownish. The same thing happens to durian. Some ask what’s the big fuss about it? FRESHNESS!!! By vacuum seal the pack of durian we are able to preserve the FRESHNESS of the durian for a much longer period of time and hence you’re able to enjoy Tasty Durian.

Step 5: ZIP LOCK PACK To Prevent Unwanted Smell

Once the durian is packed into Ever wonder why most durian stalls and shops are isolated? Bingo! It’s the Smell! The #1 concern for Fresh Durian Delivery is the always the smell especially if you’re receiving it at public places say your office. We at Durian Bear has a solution for it. Introducing Sealed Zip Lock Pack. We’re 100% confident that our packing is Smell-Proof. Try it in your car, your office or any public place. Guaranteed no pungent smell when it’s pack. Guarantee smelly if you open it :p

Step 6: ON TIME DURIAN DELIVERY To Your Doorstep

We know that when you want to eat durian, you want to eat it ASAP. And what’s the point when we have Yummy & Tasty Durian but you can’t have it on-time? Solution? We came out with Normal Durian Delivery & Express Durian Delivery so that you can enjoy your favourite durian be it Musang King, D24, Tekka, IOI or any durian available with your family and friends – On Time!